Meet some of our over 25 ABI Associates

All Independent Contractor Associates of ABI have the following:

  • Crisis Prevention Intervention
  • Trained in several communication systems such as PECS and Proloquo2Go, LAMP, etc.
  • Have Vulnerable Sector Screens
  • Front line therapists are either Registered Behaviour Technicians or are working towards this credential or are BCBA credentialed

Lisa Israel, RN, MADS, BCBA

Clinical Director

Lisa has been working with individuals with disabilities and their families for over 27 years. She is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in addition to Registered Nurse and holds a Masters Degree in Disability Studies from Brock University with a specialty in Applied Behaviour Analysis and a Masters Certificate in Autism and is a Rehabilitation Specialist. She is dedicated to her work as a Behaviour Analyst and Clinical Director. In addition, Lisa is the Clinical Director of the Schwartz/Reisman Centre overseeing the Inclusion Program, which offers community-based programs for children taught using a behavioural approach. Lisa has developed an ABA parent training manual and curriculum for parents of children with disabilities in addition to providing consultation on school advocacy, human rights for persons with disabilities, and running social skills groups for children with PDD. Lisa is a committed advocate for children with disabilities and their families.

Ronit Rosenblum, M. Ed, BCBA, CDA


Ronit Rosenblum is a Clinician-In-Charge with Applied Behavioural Interventions and has been part of our team working with individuals with autism for over 15 years. She is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and since 2003, has had extensive training in the area of autism and related disabilities. Ronit has completed her Masters Certificate in Autism. In 2008 she received a Graduate Certificate in the Communicative Disorders Assistants Program from Durham College, where she maintained the Dean's List throughout the duration of the program. In 2011 she received a Masters degree in Education where she specialized in Special Education. Ronit creates, implements and oversees programming and ongoing treatment integrity. Ronit’s research is in parental adherence to behavioural recommendations. She creates individualized training and treatment packages for parents who wish to teach their children communication and social skills using a behavioural approach.

Anastasiya Potapovych

Senior Therapist

Ana Potapovych has been an associate with ABI for over 6 years. With a background in psychology and in mental health from the University of Toronto, Ana is devoted to constant learning and continues to actively pursue her professional development and education. Ana currently holds a Masters of Applied Disability Studies degree from Brock University with a specialization in ABA and is pursuing her BCBA certification. In addition to working directly with clients, Ana’s position as Senior Therapist involves conducting professional development days, ensuring treatment fidelity, as well as providing parent training.

Yael Stern, BA, MA, BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

 Yael has been an associate for ABI for over 15 years. She completed her BA in Psychology from York University with a thesis on Evidence Based Models for Early Intervention in ASD: Looking at Outcome Measures. Yael completed a Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics with a thesis on Augmentative Communication Systems for children with ASD: Variables to Consider When Choosing a Model. She is proficient in the use of PECS and Proloquo and has experience with children with ASD using sign language. 

Yael has vast experience with assessment tools and curriculum building as well as parent training and providing consultation to schools. Yael pursued her BCBA in 2012 and has been certified since then. Yael has presented various posters and lectures and served as a course instructor on the principles of ABA and child development in various settings. Yael enjoys continuing to learn from her team members and her continuing education and is always moving forward with evidence-based assessments and principles in ABA. She learns the most from the children she works with. 

Kristina Mortley, M.Ed

Senior Therapist

Kristina holds a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: The Inclusive Classroom (SPED) as well as previously being registered as an Early Childhood Educator and Special Needs Resource Teacher. In addition, Kristina holds a Graduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioural Science from Seneca College and she has also completed her Bachelors Degree in Child Development. Kristina is completing coursework in applied behaviour analysis (ABA) through Florida Institute for Technology and is currently pursuing certification in behaviour analysis.

Kristina is an expert in ensuring treatment fidelity, liaising with the school boards and other community agencies as well as holding the title of Senior Therapist. Additionally, Kris teaches social skills and facilitates parent training with a focus on behaviour management and implementation of parenting strategies. Kristina has been an associate with ABI for over 13 years.

Lauren Backman

Senior Lead Therapist

Lauren holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education and has been an associate with ABI for over 10 years. She has established herself as a valued member of the ABI team through her dedication to continuing education and her knack for developing creative, individualized materials for students. Lauren heads ABI’s Material Section in addition to working directly with our students in the capacity of Lead Instructor Therapist, providing ABA/IBI, liaising with schools and parents. Lauren is well trained in PECS and Proloquo and can facilitate training and use of these augmented communication systems.

Nicky Praseuth

Senior Lead Therapist

Nicky holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education, a degree in Child Development, is Hanen Training Certified and is a Registered Behaviour Technician. She currently works directly with students providing ABA services in homes, schools, and within the community. Her studies in Child Development focused on the development of typical and developmentally delayed children from birth to adolescence. She has also successfully completed an action research dissertation on how best to support families with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Nicky is fluent in augmentative and alternative communication systems for individuals in need of language support: such as the picture exchange communication system (PECS) and Proloquo2go. She has over 10 years of hands-on work experience; working with a range of children with challenging behaviours and implementing behaviour and self-management plans. She also supports many of her families by providing parent training with a focus on behaviour management and implementation of parenting strategies. Nicky is Level 1 Certified in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), CPI Trained, and CPR Certified. She also continues to frequently attend conferences and workshops for further professional development and has been an associate of ABI since 2011. 

Ashley Cohen

Senior Lead Therapist

Ashley has been an associate at Applied Behavioural Interventions for over 5 years and enjoys filling the position of Senior Lead Therapist. Ashley has worked as an Instructor Therapist for over 13 years in total and is certified as a Registered Behavioural Therapist (RBT) and is currently working towards pursuing her Honours Bachelor of Psychology at York University. Ashley attends continuing education workshops and seminars to ensure best practice in her therapy. Her experience includes implementing one-on-one therapy in the home, school, and community setting and she is proficient in augmentative communication devices such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Proloquo2go.  Ashley is certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and Standard First Aid and CPR "C". She also holds the Level 1 Certificate in Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), and is a member of the Behaviour Analytic Certification Board.

Tatjana Popovic, M.Ed.

Senior Lead Therapist

Tatjana holds a Masters of Education in Developmental Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto and an Honours Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour from McMaster University. She is completing coursework in applied behaviour analysis (ABA) through Florida Institute for Technology and is currently pursuing certification in behaviour analysis. Tatjana is also certified in PEAK - Level 1.

Tatjana has worked in the field of autism and ABA for over five years and has enjoyed the last four years as an associate at ABI. She has extensive experience implementing behaviour-analytic programming in a variety of settings and with a variety of learners. She is highly proficient at teaching verbal behaviour, including the use of picture-exchange communication systems (PECS) and Proloquo2Go. Tatjana is motivated by creating lasting-behaviour change that will lead to meaningful outcomes for her clients.  

Ilana Perry

Lead Therapist

Ilana joined the ABI team in early 2016, bringing with her a wealth of experience working in various IBI centres and children's recreation centres. Ilana is a Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT), and is trained in Picture Exchange Communication System(PECS) and Proloquo2Go. She is CPR/First Aid certified, as well holds a training certificate in Crisis Prevention Intervention(CPI). Ilana graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelors degree, and a short time later received her Autism and Behavioural Science certification from George Brown College. She had the privilege of working 1:1 with children with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and Dyspraxia. Additionally, Ilana has knowledge and experience working with children who have Auditory and Visual processing problems and sensory disorders. Ilana has vast recreational experience with children 18 months-13 years of age with a focus on assisting development of fine motor skills, imitation, physical and cognitive development.

Robyn Mcrae

Instructor Therapist

Robyn holds a Master’s degree in Education where she focused on parental advocacy and involvement for children diagnosed with autism in the school system. Robyn also has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from York University and is a Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT). Robyn has been an associate of ABI for over 17 years providing Applied Behavioural Analysis in schools, homes and community-based settings to early, intermediate and advanced learners diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Over her 17 years as an Instructor Therapist, Robyn has gained extensive expertise in developing individualized programs based on the learner’s needs. She has liaised with schools and parents, while providing behavioural and social facilitation in schools and summer camp settings, as well as supporting classroom teachers and education assistants with behaviour modification strategies. Robyn is fluent in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), The DynaVox, Proloquo2Go and LAMP Words for Life.  She is certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), and certified in First Aid/CPR. She also has extensive experience using the Foxx and Azrin toilet training protocol.