Our Therapy

About Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis is a safe and effective way to teach skills in order to help individuals lead happy and fulfilling lives. It can be used to teach all forms of behaviour including language, social skills, self-help and independence related activities, fine and gross motor skills, and academics. Although its use and effectiveness have been widely documented in such disciplines such as sports, education, health and exercise, and language acquistion, it is known to be the single most effective therapy used to teach individuals on the autism spectrum.

About Verbal Behaviour

Verbal Behaviour is a behaviourally-based approach based on B.F Skinner's analysis of language. It is a way to teach your child the connection between a word and its value. This methodology is an extraordinarily effective way to teach functional language and communication skills. This system has been documented in the research as being able to increase a student's ability to make their needs met, converse, socialize and comment on their daily activities.

About Pivotal Response Treatment

Pivotal Response Treatment, developed by Dr. R. Koegel and Dr. L. Koegel is a child directed approach used to teach social, play and communication skills. Positive changes in pivotal behaviours such as the child's motivation and communication initiations, are emphasized in order to facilitate language, reduce maladaptive behaviours, and develop play skills.