ABA/IBI Treatment and Consultation

Applied Behaviour Analysis/Intensive Behavioural Intervention

A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Registered Nurse will assess and customize a plan to teach your child using the principles of ABA. We are an approved DFO provider for the government's Autism Initiative. Call today for a consultation.

Verbal Behaviour

Your child's language deficits will be addressed using a verbal behaviour approach. Verbal behaviour is an analysis of the components of language based on the research of B.F. Skinner. 

School Consultation and Advocacy

Knowing your child's rights within the education system in Ontario can be difficult to navigate. Let us guide you through this maze. We are able to customize plans based on you and your child's needs.


We are available to accompany your child to school, community and family events. Using the principles of ABA, we will provide a supportive environment that will gently teach your child to function at his or her best in these environments.

Social Skills Groups

Children require a foundation of skills in order to be effective social communicators. At ABI, your child can learn to establish and maintain relationships. We offer early, intermediate and advanced programs.

ABA Materials

Let us guide you to the most comprehensive and cost efficient way to gather your child's ABA materials. We offer customized material packages specific to your child's learning requirements.

Post IBI Treatment Programs

With the extraordinary success being involved in an IBI program can bring, many students no longer require a high intensity of hours but could still benefit from some support. Call us to discuss an individualized plan to continue the rewards and benefits of ABA.

Tutoring for Children with Exceptionalities

Our tutors are not simply Ontario Certified teachers or Resource Teachers they are individuals who have years of experience administering ABA/IBI. With their behavioural background and training they are able to maximize your child's potential through the application of a behavioural approach to teach school board curriculum. 

Fitness Training and Personalized Exercise Programs and Videos

Does your child have difficulty participating in organized programs? Are you worried about your child's level of fitness? Our certified fitness instructor can assess and customize a program for your child. Individualized fitness videos with instruction directed at your child is a way to encourage daily exercise and fitness.